Global Business Incubation, Inc. (GBI), a private non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, is developing a business incubator for entrepreneurs and small businesses in technology, multimedia and entertainment. This model incubator, the Interactive Multitainment Advanced Technology Center (IMATC), will create a technology infrastructure that provides a mix of business services and practices to support start-up and small businesses Read more about NASA[…]


Global Business Development Architects (GBDA) and the Pilot Business Corporation (PBC) is GBI’s innovative apprenticeship (hands on experience) project for young men and women at CSULB.. Innovation, Creativity and Capital, IC² Institute at the University of Texas at Austin (UTA) was founded in 1977 as a “think and do” tank to test the belief of Read more about GBDA and PBC[…]

Global Business Incubation (GBI)

Global Business Incubation (GBI) is a non-profit research development organization “think and do tank” that catalyzes the business development process of launching an idea, a business and a community through growing cooperative business incubator cluster models that grow companies and an IC2 Global Research Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin.. GBI’s innovative model business Read more about Global Business Incubation (GBI)[…]

Why participate in accelerating innovative business startups for American military veterans?

Millions of highly trained, committed, passionate and loyal military veterans, both men and women, with innovative ideas are seeking business startup opportunities to thrive, prosper and become productive members of our communities. Public and private sectors are collaborating at an unprecedented level to accelerate the pace of innovation to keep this Nation strong and competitive Read more about Why participate in accelerating innovative business startups for American military veterans?[…]

Emerald Veterans Business Summit

Global Business Incubation is a nonprofit that grows and develops urban enterprises through business incubation and cooperative strategies. We have attracted millions in venture capital to 50 new media companies located in our Downtown L.A. business incubator, creating hundreds of jobs. We are now committed to incubating military veterans and under-served communities. With 1.3 million Veterans Read more about Emerald Veterans Business Summit[…]