July 27, 2016

GBI Team

Tonia McDonald, President
Phil Brown, Executive Director
Retired Brigadier General Arnold Gordon Bray, National Spokesman
Veteran Paul McDonald, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer
Veteran Dale Sims, Chief Industrial Technologist
Veteran Anthony Morgan, Chief Information Officer
Paul Ruffin, Technology & Infrastructure
Veteran Dr. Hess, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Education and Management
Jeff Norman, Veteran Advisor and Strategic Alliance Partner
Elliot Stiller, Web Developer, Editor
Jill Lewis, Product Development and Design Specialist


Los Angeles Trade Technical College Architecture and Environmental Design
Loyola Marymount University College of Business Administration
Cal. State Long Beach Student Life and Development
Merrill Lynch, Bank Of America
Los Angeles Mayor’s Office
Los Angeles World Airports
Homefront Rising and other Veteran organizations

Retired Brigadier General Arnold Gordon Bray
It is with humility and pride, I represent a consortium under Global Business Incubation (GBI), a 501(c) 3 veteran ran operation fundamentally focused on helping our returning veterans and the underserved succeed in business through Business Incubation. GBI’s goal is to facilitate the commercial viability and success of veterans and underserved innovation, talent, products, services and technologies, helping to “Rebuild the American dream” through job creation. GBI’s model will serve to inspire our future leaders to strive to be, all that they can be…and more.

NFL Hall of Famer Willie Davis
Our military champions (veterans) need us on their team…Please join me and our GBI consortium in creating a diversified, sustainable job creation ecosystem for our military Veterans, their families and our underserved business communities…

NFL Pro Bowl Rosey Grier
I am excited about the care that is being sponsored to start servicemen into their own businesses. They have risked their lives to protect this country and I feel that we owe them a debt of gratitude as well as developing the inner cities. I am just starting Industry of Athletics Infrastructure, which excites me that we can work with veterans in everything that we do. GBI’s small business incubation model being established in L.A. to support our military veterans and underserved community is a way we can all join together. As a Veteran, I know from personal experience the importance of commitment, teamwork, preparation and leadership with a “game plan” to achieve success.