July 12, 2016

GBI Ahead

Global Business Incubation (GBI), a 501 (c)(3) research and development organization.  GBI is currently developing a network of business incubators in Southern California to foster collaborations between universities, industry and public agencies.   Our hubs and labs are currently focused on promoting business incubation opportunities for military veterans.  We provide training and support for all aspects of new business startups will be geared to accelerate the rate of technological development and the pace of delivery of products and services in the region, as well as increasing exports and greater competition in the global marketplace.  Our services provide entrepreneurial opportunities for military veterans, minorities, and disadvantaged businesses.  Target technology markets will include information, telecommunications, digital media, transportation, among other high tech and bio-tech enterprises.

Global Business Incubation is a nonprofit that researches, develops and implements successful business incubation strategies to grow and develop urban enterprises.

  • Formed an incubator in Los Angeles -attracted millions in venture capital to 50+ companies.  Facilitated partnerships with local govt., corporations, universities & others.
  • We served as state advocate for a collaboration of 200+ major corporations.
  • We hosted workshops that trained 400+ businesses and Chinese Buyers to trade successfully.

We are now creating a manufacturing consortium and technical institute to provide resources, training and employment to Military Veterans, Youth, and Local Businesses. Click here to learn about our mission and how you can become involved!