Why participate in accelerating innovative business startups for American military veterans?

Millions of highly trained, committed, passionate and loyal military veterans, both men and women, with innovative ideas are seeking business startup opportunities to thrive, prosper and become productive members of our communities. Public and private sectors are collaborating at an unprecedented level to accelerate the pace of innovation to keep this Nation strong and competitive on a global scale. They are doing so by sponsoring and supporting business startup companies in advancing the production of new products and services from concept to manufacture and marketing. There is no better time for our military veterans to take advantage of these outstanding opportunities and resources to incubate and successfully implement new startup businesses.

On November 18th, 2016 the Emerald Veterans Business Summit will be held at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) Conrad Hilton Center for Business, Los Angeles, California, to introduce and connect military veterans to powerful and resourceful public and private sector contacts and resources.

As the promoters of the Summit, the LMU College of Business Administration and Global Business Incubation, Inc., we are proud to extend this invitation to leading public and private sector sources to participate as sponsors, delegates, speakers, exhibitors and attendees, in promoting outstanding business startup collaboration with qualified military veterans.

Sponsorship will support for the planning, recording and publicizing of the Summit. Sponsors will be acknowledged during the conference, and will receive outstanding exposure at local, national and global levels via radio, news, social and internet media. Most importantly sponsorship will provide unique opportunities for business startup collaboration with our military veterans, a productive process which can continue long after the Summit is over.

The Summit program includes a keynote speech, panels on various pertinent topics, breakout sessions, and exhibits. Information about the Summit program, the promoters, the benefits and opportunities of participation as sponsors, speakers and exhibitors are described in greater detail in the attached document. Please contact us on or before September 16th at the following address/email/phone numbers, if you are interested in the opportunities to participate.